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Free-flow tour of the castle. The tour includes the castle chapel, the royal palace, the keep, the burgrave's palace and the man´s palaces on the second courtyard. A unique early Gothic chapel with a double gallery is made up of two fields of cross vaults. Unique lookout view on the gallery of the Great Tower.

this tour is available today 9.30 – 17.00

4F17A2ED-8B52-4F67-8D80-EE0130BE50BE 180 CZK, czech guide only or without guide (full admission) 2F500991-B0F5-4AC5-9B90-2BBFBDCDFC45 Buy ticket

71B5B7E7-ACEA-4214-84EB-20FF073CEC43 duration 40 minutes

94D4AB38-6EA4-4B19-9C7F-17B845D49188 max. 80 people

Group reservation not necessary

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